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We specialise in the development, the production and the marketing of natural molecules for the flavors, fragrances and cosmetics markets.

Since 2003, we have been offering natural and local ingredients based on vegetable raw materials to manufacturers of finished products.



100% Natural 

100% Eco-Friendly

100% Innovative

100% Self-financed

100% Made in France 

  At Naturamole, we help you meet new needs and requirements  

Pioneers in biotechnology


Since 2003, we continue to innovate in new processes, all based on white biotechnologies.

Naturamole offers its expertise to help you develop proofs of concept, laboratory tests, pilot tests and industrial scale fermentation tests.

Considered as key technologies of the 21st century, biotechnologies offer many solutions to keep our world's ressources sustainables and strive toward a stable bio-economic pattern.


A large selection of products

Your needs are evolving ?

We evolve with you, by offering you a wide variety of products meant for the field of perfumery, agrifood and cosmetics.

Our R&D team is attentive to all your projects and to all your requests.

  We are focused on always optimizing our products range and way of production,  

  so that we are the most responsible and eco-friendly,  

  as we are well aware of the environmental issues that affect our current lives  

Our expertise



Our products are the building block of 'flavours', that are used for foods / beverages and they help in providing the best possible taste quality, being natural and certified halal and kosher.



Our products are the building block of 'fragrances', that are used for perfumes and they help in blending creativity and innovation by providing a subtle fragrance for a spicy, floral, sweet or even fruity olfactory journey.



Our products can be used as building-block for cosmetics,

as they are guaranteed to be allergen-free and meet the European COSMOS.

Essential Oils


We rectify essential oils by distillation in order to extract certain key raw materials such as alcohols, and eliminate molecules that are not olfactory interesting or that are considered as CMR.

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